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In January 2016, I started as a science writer at the University of Utah, covering several physical and social science departments. Here’s how to keep up on my work: UNews: My press releases are posted at Here’s a few recent ones I’m proud of: Spring snow a no-go? Why vultures matter – and what … Continue reading

Latest PNAS work

Check out some of my latest work at PNAS: Podcasts: Geoffrey Marcy on exoplanet hunting: Tad Patzek on natural gas forecasting: Alvin Roth on kidney exchange : Profiles: Marine microbiologist Edward DeLong: Ecohydrologist Andrea Rinaldo: QnAs: Ecologist Simon Levin: And all this in addition to a half-dozen or more … Continue reading

First PNAS Podcast

First PNAS Podcast

Most of my day-to-day work at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is writing short summaries of upcoming research papers. But I also have the opportunity to take on longer projects as well, including profiles and podcasts . My first podcast, discussing whole-genome screening in adults, posted this morning. Check it out! You … Continue reading