Beards, babies, and fresh beats


My boy, who apparently just crossed the threshold to consciousness.

Here’s a selection of some of my recent stories at ScienceNOW.

Beards – Heavy stubble is attractive, researchers say. Twitter loved this story – or at least the guys who already sported stubble and wanted to show off how “scientific” their style is. As for me, I’m gonna keep shaving.

Babies – I covered a paper in Science on baby consciousness – not just awakeness, but an awareness and perception beyond mere reflex. Babies are conscious as early as five months, which was good timing – my son is that age now.

Beats – For a story on why the brain likes new music, I sought out Ohio State music professor David Huron for an outside comment. It was a unique experience – I’d never been sung to in an interview before. . .

Keep watching at – there’s more to come!

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