Seven podcasts, three profiles, three Q&As

Updates to my list of PNAS work. You can find all these links, as well as my past work, at the Multimedia Clips and Profiles & Q&As pages.


Jef Boeke on safeguarding engineered or pathogenic microorganisms.
Kyle Siler on editorial gatekeeping at scientific journals
Keith Joung and Feng Zhang on genome editing
Robin Ali on transplanting retinal cells
Hesham Sadek on the ability of the neonatal heart to regenerate
David Schaffer on growing stem cells in a 3D medium
Brian Kaspar on the role of astrocytes in Lou Gehrig’s disease


Archaeologist Melinda Zeder
Vector biologist Carolina Barillas-Mury
Anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon


Physicist Burton Richter
Chemist Cynthia Burrows
Cosmologist Alan Guth

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