Secrets of the campus cadavers

How do you tell the story of a set of bones, discovered under the foundation of an 80-year-old building when the first questions you have – who are they and how did they get there – can’t be answered? How do you tell a sensitive story of real people’s lives and real people’s remains without showing photos?

My answer: a serial podcast.

In February and March 2018, my colleague Brooke Adams and I released a seven-part podcast series called “Secrets of the Campus Cadavers” that aimed to tell the story of the people found under that building. The podcast has interviews with historians, architects, anthropologists – and even a visit to a cadaver lab, all in an effort to learn as much as we could. All seven episodes, taken together, are about an hour total. And I’ll spoil the ending for you now – there are few firm answers. But it was a long and fascinating journey putting the show together.

Search for “Secrets of the Campus Cadavers” wherever you get your podcasts or use this link:

Find the full series, including historical photos and transcripts, here.

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