Profiles and Q&As

Profiles of recently-elected members of the National Academy of Sciences, published in PNAS

Melinda Zeder, archaeologist, 28 Apr 2015

Carolina Barillas-Mury, vector biologist, 31 Dec 2014

Napoleon A. Chagnon, sociobiologist, 25 Nov 2014

Edward DeLong, microbiologist, 8 July 2014

Andrea Rinaldo, hydrologist, 18 Mar 2014


PNAS Q&As (called QnAs in the journal)

Burton Richter, physicist, 31 Mar 2015

Cynthia Burrows, chemist, 25 Nov 2014

Alan Guth, cosmologist, 14 Oct 2014

Simon A. Levin, ecologist, 6 May 2014


Q&A for The SciCom Interviews

Harry Klee, molecular horticulturalist, Apr 2 2013

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