ScienceNOW Stories

ScienceNOW is the daily online news site of Science magazine. I worked remotely for ScienceNOW as an intern from April to June, 2013. All stories (embargoed science news, with one or two exceptions) were assigned by my editor. ScienceShots are 100-200 word photo captions; all other stories are 500-600 word multi-source news briefs.

ScienceShot: Jim Morrison Finally Gets His Lizard – Jun 4 2013

Manly Sweat Makes Other Men More Cooperative – May 31 2013

ScienceShot: How Starfish Sweat – May 29 2013

Whales Freed From Fishing Gear May Still Die a Slow Death – May 24 2013

Atlantic Coast Warping Like a “Magic Carpet” – May 16 2013

ScienceShot: Invasive Ladybug Carries Fatal Parasite – May 16 2013

ScienceShot: Carnivorous Plant Ejects Junk DNA – May 12 2013

Nineteenth Century Technique Turns Old Mouse Hearts Young – May 9 2013

ScienceShot: Exercising Elephants Can’t Handle the Heat – May 1 2013

New Camera Inspired by Insect Eyes – May 1 2013

ScienceShot: Survival of the Fittest, Inside a Shark’s Womb – Apr 30 2013

ScienceShot: Heavy Stubble Makes Men More Attractive – Apr 24 2013

When Does Your Baby Become Conscious? – Apr 18 2013

ScienceShot: Bees Age Faster When They Raise Offspring – Apr 17 2013

Why Your Brain Loves That New Song – Apr 11 2013

Miniature Chip Detects Rogue Cancer Cells – Apr 3 2013

How Maggots Heal Wounds – Dec 6 2012

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