Stanford Report Stories

Stanford Report is the daily online news service of Stanford University, emailed to faculty, staff, students, and alumni. I worked as an intern at the Stanford News Service from January to March of 2013. About half of the stories below were assigned by my editor, and the others are stories I found and pitched myself.

Quantity, not just quality, in new Stanford brain scan method – Stanford Report, Nov 4, 2013

Who wrote Shakespeare’s plays? Stanford professor lets you decide – Stanford Report, Mar 18, 2013

Stanford economist learns lessons from yesterday’s immigrants – Stanford Report, Mar 8, 2013

Hand over your email inbox to boost productivity, Stanford team says – Stanford Report, Mar 4, 2013

Stanford scholar looks to genes to make sense of the dollars you invest – Stanford Report, Mar 4, 2013

Save your teens, save your marriage: Stanford’s brief interventions – Stanford Report, Feb 22,2013

Stanford scientists chipping away at graphene’s secrets – Stanford Report, Jan 31, 2013

Stanford-led team pioneers new way to survey thawing Arctic – Stanford Report, Jan 30, 2013

Stanford Law School opens Religious Liberty Clinic – Stanford Report, Jan 16,2013

Stanford report says college degree is an advantage during the recession – Stanford Report, Jan 11, 2013

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