Behold the badger

Behold the badger

In March 2017 I introduced the world to a little badger. Out in Utah’s west desert, this little guy has the tenacity and engineering chops to bury an entire calf, all by himself. Over the next two weeks, this contented badger ate off the carcass, all the while caught on camera by a motion-activated camera … Continue reading

Follow me at the U

In January 2016, I started as a science writer at the University of Utah, covering several physical and social science departments. Here’s how to keep up on my work: UNews: My press releases are posted at Here’s a few recent ones I’m proud of: Spring snow a no-go? Why vultures matter – and what … Continue reading

Latest PNAS work

Check out some of my latest work at PNAS: Podcasts: Geoffrey Marcy on exoplanet hunting: Tad Patzek on natural gas forecasting: Alvin Roth on kidney exchange : Profiles: Marine microbiologist Edward DeLong: Ecohydrologist Andrea Rinaldo: QnAs: Ecologist Simon Levin: And all this in addition to a half-dozen or more … Continue reading