My best work


“Secrets of the Campus Cadavers” is a seven-part limited-run podcast first released in February 2018. It tells the story of human remains discovered unexpectedly on the University of Utah campus. Co-produced with colleague Brooke Adams.

Find the full series here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Here’s a trailer:



I shot and edited this video on a biotech company’s process for making microneedles- small patches fr drug delivery that are painless and dissolve into a person’s skin. The video is a part of my “Under Thick Skin” feature – read more about that below.


Newswriting – Press Release

I’d worked with University of Utah postdoctoral researcher Evan Buechley before – notably on a story about the Utah badger. For this release, Evan and I used photos, gifs and videos to show where endangered Egyptian vultures fly when they migrate – and what those routes mean for international bird conservation efforts.

Read the full release here:




Short Feature Writing

A University of Utah geologist measures seismic movements in Utah’s rock arches to assess their structural health. That alone is a good story. But add to it that, when sped up, these vibrations become audible rumbles. And add to that a sound artist who creates an art installation based on the geologist’s work.

Hear the rumble here.

Read the rest of the story (including a short video slideshow I put together) here:


Full Feature Writing

A single genetic mutation brings truck driver Esteban Abarca to his knees some mornings. He crawls out of bed because his hands and feet are covered with thick, painful calluses. The same mutation makes Roseann McGrath’s feet burn like a blowtorch if they get wet. It’s a condition called pachyonychia congenita, and a Santa Cruz biotech startup is trying to treat it – even though they know they won’t make any money off of it in the process.

Read the full feature (including a podcast and the above video) here: